Zayn Malik and Selena Gomez: Zayn Says He Would Kiss Selena!

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Zayn Malik wants to kiss Selena Gomez??
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Check out the One Direction interview of the guys in Cannes, France, where Zayn Malik said he'd kiss Selena Gomez.

Before you get those Zayn and Selena dating rumors queued up (and before you coin a cute nickname--Zaylena?), be aware that the 1D guys were just playing a little game with the interviewer.

The One Direction guys were shown pics and asked which people they'd kiss. Selena was one of the photos--to be fair, who wouldn't say they'd want to kiss Selena?!

Zayn says at 12:40 in the video: "I would definitely kiss her."

We're still solid Zayn and Perrie Edwards shippers, plus Justin Bieber reportedly commented that he is pals with all the 1D guys--so we don't think a Zayn and Sel hookup would ever happen anyway.

Bro code and all that, you know.

Besides, it sounds like the other guys would fancy a smooch with Selena too (is that Liam who says, "I already have" kissed her?).

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