Harry Styles' Random Act of Kindness: Pizza for the Homeless

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Harry Styles does good! Find out more about Harry's random act of kindness.
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If you were looking for another reason to love Harry Styles, check out the heart on this hottie.

Harry got in some amazingly generous random acts of kindness for the homeless and we couldn't adore him more.

Hazza, recently nominated as Villain of the Year (we know, we can't believe that one either), reportedly spent $2,000 to $3,000 on Domino's pizza and then gave the food to homeless people.

Before you chalk this up to another One Direction rumor, consider the source--Ed Sheeran recently shared the tale of Harry's good deeds during a radio interview.

In other pizza-related Harry news, his recent date night with pal Ellis Calcutt at Pizza Hut has earned him a distinguished honor--a pizza named after him!

The BBQ Americano pizza he noshed on has been named "The Styles Special."

Plus, the Pizza Hut manager explained to the Daily Record, there could possibly be a plaque commemorating the momentous event: "There is talk of getting a wee plaque at table 10 to say Harry sat there and the BBQ Americano has become the Styles Special."

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