One Direction 'Daybreak' Interview: 1D's Trip to Ghana "Best Thing We've Ever Done"

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Find out when One Direction will perform "One Way or Another" for the first time! one direction, one direction one way or another, one direction daybreak, one direction daybreak interview, one direction daybreak video, one direction ghanaThe One Direction guys sat down for a Daybreak interview and had a lot to talk about--including their recent visits to Japan and Ghana.

One of the highlights of Japan was buying robots, the guys explain. Ah...boys.

Fans also get to see footage of their trip to Ghana, which they explain was a life-changing experience.

Harry notes, "We all kind of went out there not really knowing what to expect and then we all came back all kind of looking at each other and just kind of going, 'that was the best thing we've ever done. It was amazing."

Zayn talked about how the experience "put things into perspective," adding "In everyday life, you have, like, little problems that we think are so major and then you go over there and you actually see people that actually are dealing with real problems and happen to carry on every day."

By the way, One Direction will be performing their Comic Relief song "One Way or Another" for the first time at the Brit Awards.

We can't wait!

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