Harry Styles and Taylor Swift Breakup: What Really Happened? (WATCH!)

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Harry and Taylor broke up because... Who is Haylor?

Obviously we all know that Haylor is former music super-couple Harry Styles and Taylor Swift, but we recently visited Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles and actually found some people who weren't too sure.

"Halo plus Taylor Swift?" asked one video game fan.

Once we explained the biggest celebrity breakup so far in 2013, people on the street were happy to speculate about the reasons behind it.

"Strippers? I don't know, maybe something crazy!" a young woman told us, laughing. "Harry looks like he might make it rain in the club."

Or our fave: "Maybe he stole too many of her hair products!"

What do you guys think is behind their breakup? Watch the clip (above) to see what people had to say!

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