Justin Bieber: New Weed Smoking Pictures Emerge! Do You Think It's Him in the Pics?

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Justin BieberGetty

More trouble for Justin Bieber?

It sure does seem like it!

There are several reports that new Justin Bieber weed-smoking pictures are being shopped around to the media as we speak.

One website has already published pics that seem to showcase the Biebs getting his smoke on with another one of his BFFs.

EveryJoe.com has posted alleged photos of Justin and Lil Za posing and snapping pics together, with what looks like a joint in JB's mouth! The photos haven't been confirmed yet but they look pretty legit to us!

Lil Za isn't the guy Justin was caught smoking with before, that was Lil Twist! Za was just recently pulled over driving Justin's car...without a license! Like Twist, he's another young rapper.

Maybe Selena Gomez ditched Bieber because he has bad boy friends and was starting to do crazy things?

Perhaps he should just stay away from people with the name "Lil" and not let anyone drive his car anymore?!

Do you think Bieber smoking pot is a big deal? Stars like Rihanna and Chris Brown tweet pics of themselves smoking ganja like every day! Not to mention, it's basically legal in California!

Are we all overreacting or is Justin on his way down a scary path?

Do you think it's him in the pics? Let us know your thoughts!

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