Selena Gomez Reportedly Threw Away Justin Bieber's Gifts to Her After Breakup

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Selena Gomez has made it quite clear these past few days that she's over Justin Bieber!

After posting a picture of herself in Justin's hat while throwing up peace signs to Twitter, Selena has reportedly thrown away all of JB's lavish gifts to her too to prove she's moving on!

According to, Sel is DONE with Justin and she thinks pitching his presents is one way to prove that.

"It means she's done with that boy, bye-bye," Selena's friend reportedly told the website.

"She's thrown away a lot of his stuff, too, and she doesn't want it because he's a liar and treated her badly. She is done and doesn't want him anymore. She's moving on."

Selena recently told E! that she's doing good after her Bieber breakup and is having a lot of fun with her friends. She also said she's more mouthy and sassy too. Watch out!

As for Justin, he just released a new album with tracks about Selena on it, all while defending his "good guy" status on Twitter as well.

Do you think Selena threw all of his gifts to her away? We can only imagine the nice stuff he got her!

Perhaps she should've auctioned the stuff off or given it away? Are her supposed actions a little immature? Let us know what you think!



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