Super Bowl XLVII: More People Anxious to See Beyonce's Halftime Show Than the Game?!

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It sure does seem that way!


"I heard there's going to be a football game at Beyonce's concert today," @ReginaGeorge tweeted earlier today.

Bey is set to perform during the Super Bowl halftime show and from the looks online, tons of people are excited to see her to her thing...including us!

When we looked on Twitter this afternoon, "Beyonce" was trending in the U.S., while "Super Bowl" wasn't.
It made us wonder, are people more anxious to see her (and maybe Destiny's Child?) than the game itself? We totally think so!

(Wouldn't it be awesome is Jay-Z performed with her too?...just sayin'!)

Reasons we think Beyonce is more awesome than the game itself: Over 5,000 people retweeted @ReginaGeorge's tweet, Beyonce is hot on twitter right now and we've kind of heard more about Beyonce's upcoming show than the actual Super Bowl players/game itself this week.

Do you think Beyonce's performance will overtake the game itself? Can you even remember who performed at last year's game?

Who do you want to win the game tonight?
49ers!17 (13.5%)
Ravens!25 (19.8%)
I'm watching for Beyonce!84 (66.7%)

Click here to see a video from Beyonce's halftime show rehearsals!

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