Watch Puppy Bowl 2013 Online Live Stream Video: Puppy Bowl IX Livestreaming

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Super Bowl Sunday 2013 is here, but let's talk about what's really important--watching the 2013 Puppy Bowl with live streaming video online!

Puppies! Cute, sweet, adorable puppies!

You can watch all the Puppy Bowl 2013 fun online beginning at 3:00 p.m. EST on Sunday, February 3.

It may not be the "big game," but the Puppy Bowl holds a dear place in our heart.

Who doesn't want to watch adorably fluffy, cuddly pups wrestle and play their way around a miniature football field?

Who cares if the rules aren't even all that defined? You can't beat the Water Bowl Cam or the hamster blimp, plus look for the fun of a puppy hot tub and hedgehog cheerleaders.

As if all of that isn't cute enough--don't miss the kitten half-time show.

Because kittens, puppies, hedgehogs and hamsters...who doesn't love that?

Watch the Puppy Bowl 2013 online live streaming video now on UStream!
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