Demi Lovato Tweets Pic of Leg Cast, Bruised Injury: Demi's Leg Broken?

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Ouch! Demi Lovato has a broken leg, is wearing a cast!

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Aw, Demi Lovato really hurt her leg! Is it broken?

Late last week, Demi tweeted pics of her bruised and swollen ankle and leg, as well as a pic of her cast and crutches.

Poor Demi!

Fans wondered if Demi broke her leg when, earlier in the week, she posted a pic of crutches.

It sounds like Demi slipped and fell on a floor that was super slippery, as she tweeted last week: "Never, ever, ever, EVER let your roommate clean your hardwood floors with Pledge..."

On Friday, Demi took to Twitter to share the injury was quite serious, writing, "Fibula schmibula.."

She followed it up with this pic of a leg in a cast with crutches, tweeting, "This sucks."

We hope it's a speedy recovery, Demi!

demi lovato, demi lovato crutches, demi lovato cast, demi lovato fibulaDemi Lovato Twitter


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