Zayn Malik Hand Injury Explained: Skateboarding Trick Gone Wrong!

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How did Zayn Malik hurt his hand? The answer may surprise you!

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It turns out Zayn Malik didn't break his hand in a fit of rage over the rumors that he was cheating on girlfriend Perrie Edwards.

Nope, Zayn cracked up his hand the good old-fashioned way boys do things like that: while skateboarding.

Zayn set the record straight about his hand injury that was noticeably bruised and bandaged last week, telling The Sun, "We were in the studio and decided to do a bit of skating. But the floor in here isn't the best. I fell off and the board went over my hand. It hurt so much. I was trying to do a trick and went flying. It was a bit stupid."

Louis added, "It makes me cringe thinking about it."

Let's just say Zayn didn't exactly stick the landing.


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