Does Justin Bieber's Mom Want Him Back With Selena Gomez?

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Would you like to see him back with Sel?

Justin Bieber and his momInstagram

"Mother knows best!" least that's what they tell us!

And when it comes to mothering the biggest pop star in the world, Justin Bieber's mom definitely thinks that way.

Pattie Mallette seems to stay out of her son's dramaful life but that doesn't mean she's quiet when it comes to telling him what she thinks.

Hey, she has been known to take his cell phone away!

According to, Justin's mom wants to see him back with Selena Gomez.

Mother Biebs reportedly doesn't like JB's new friends...and we can't say we don't blame her! It does seem like Justin's been getting in a lot of trouble since hanging with them!

"Justin's mom has always been very close to Selena, and she's impressed by what a good influence she's been on her son," a source close to Jelena told

"Pattie's been pushing hard for Justin to get back with Selena. However, Selena doesn't want to associate with the crowd Justin's been hanging out with lately as she thinks they're not to be trusted."

It's being said that some of Justin's new friends are the ones who recently sold the pictures of him allegedly smoking weed and drinking sizzurp.

Pattie reportedly believes that if Selena would just get back together again with Justin she could soon get him back on the straight and narrow.

Mama Bieber might not have to wait much longer for a Jelena reconciliation...they were spotted together over the weekend!

Do you blame Justin's mom for wanting him to get back with Selena? Are his new friends bad influences?



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