Harry Styles Post Taylor Swift Breakup: Focus on Music, Not Dating

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The Harry Styles and Taylor Swift breakup is behind them...who's Harry dating next?

Harry Styles dating after Taylor Swift breakupYouTube

Harry Styles is putting dating on hold, following his breakup with Taylor Swift.

In a new interview with The Sun, Harry explains that right now he's more focused on music than girls.

For real, Harry?

He explained, "We have to knuckle down and work hard, make sure we get everything ready so it's a good show. I want to focus on that, not chasing girls."

Harry also explained that the One Direction guys are closer than ever, following their visit to Japan, noting, "When we got back we all said we'd had a completely new experience. It was like how it was in the beginning and everything was new."

Zayn chimed in with just how close the 1D guys are, saying, "We genuinely feel like brothers. If anything happens we are there because nobody else understands like the other lads."

Do you think it's a smart idea for Harry to focus on the 1D tour and not on girls right now?

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