Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Both Heading to NYC: Will They Hang Out Together?

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Can we expect a Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber reunion this weekend in NYC? Probably so!

Selena was spotted at LAX airport this morning, jetting off to New York City for fashion week while Justin is set to host and perform on Saturday Night Live on Saturday. That means the two former lovebirds will be in the Big Apple at the same time and could possibly hang out together!

We talked to Adidas earlier today and they told us that Selena will be front row for their Adidas NEO fashion show in NYC tomorrow. Justin will not be there, which is surprising because he is an ambassador for the brand like Selena.

If they do hang out in New York City, it won't be the first reunion they've had since their breakup. Jelena were caught hanging out last weekend at a private concert in Hollywood. Selena was also seen leaving JB's house last Saturday morning.

Do you think Justin and Selena will hang out in NYC? Do you think they'll get back together?

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