Nick Jonas Ustream Video Confuses Fans: Jonas Brothers Update

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Watch Nick Jonas' Ustream live video from February 4: confused?

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Nick Jonas got fans pretty excited when he announced on Twitter yesterday that he did a Ustream live session.

The Ustream video Nick did, however, had many Jonas fans wondering what exactly was going on.

To say it was confusing is an understatement--what was Nick hoping to share on Ustream?

Clocking in at a whopping one minute and 44 seconds, fans hoped for at least a little message from Nick about the new Jonas Brothers album--instead, they were treated to a fair amount of camera fumbling, followed by a silent Nick going about his business.

Nick appeared to be in the recording studio, so maybe he was just giving a non-verbal update that the Jonas Brothers are still at work on the album?

Whatever his intention, it was a bit strange--and disappointing for fans!

What are you trying to tell us, Nick?

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