'Pretty Little Liars' Season 3, Episode 18 Recap: Ali Remembered, Again

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There's another memorial happening for Ali...but not everyone wants to remember her Bad news for any Liars hoping to put Ali's death behind them. In tonight's episode, her family is having yet another memorial for their friend and the girls are divided on whether this a good idea.

The private investigator Spencer hired last week has some answers about Toby. Apparently he ordered flowers for a mystery someone before leaving town. Spencer is still having trouble letting go of their past and is willing to pay more to uncover the truth about the key she found. But she's more than ready to move on from Ali's death and wants nothing to do with the memorial.

Emily is finally ready to talk about killing Nate and submits to some talk therapy. While being hypnotized, she has a flashback that she's the one who actually killed Ali! It probably doesn't help that she's being threatened by A about the postcards she left in Ali's casket.

While Ezra's away meeting his son, his little brother Wesley is back and he and Aria have been spending time together...could this be a possible rebound for her?

The detective traces Toby's key to a random apartment, which Spencer visits. While she wasn't originally planning to attend Ali's memorial, Spencer bursts in to tell Jason that Ali was pregnant when she died...and it sounds like Toby's the dad.

At least there's one happy revelation tonight...Emily remembers she mixed up her flashbacks and she didn't actually hurt Ali. But who is the mysterious woman in the red coat she remembers as being in charge?

Looks like Spencer and Mona are throwing down in next week's episode...can't wait!

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