Demi Lovato Tweets Pic From the Studio: Broken Leg and All!

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Demi Lovato tweeted a pic of herself hard at work in the studio--even with a broken leg, she's working on that new album!

Nothing keeps Demi down--and her fans are beyond thankful!

Demi tweeted a pic of herself at work, writing: "Nothing stops me from the studio!!!" 😝

She also found the silver lining of being on crutches--rock star parking!

Well, the "princess parking," as she referred to it, that comes with a handicap tag in her car.

Demi tweeted: "The only perk: princess parking!!"

Demi even drew a pic of herself on crutches in the pic (wearing a crown, of course!).

No word on when Demi's new album will be released, but we love that she's sharing the process with fans.

Demi Lovato in studio with broken legDemi Lovato Twitter

Demi Lovato Twitter

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