Is Ed Sheeran Moving to America...for Taylor Swift?

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Where will he live? Find out!

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Is Ed Sheeran moving to America because of Taylor Swift? Pretty much!

It's not what you're thinking though!

Ed is opening up for Taylor during her 'Red Tour' that kicks off in March. Because of his gig with her and his growing popularity in the states, he wants to get a house in the U.S.!

The singer recently told The Sun that he was moving to America but that we shouldn't expect him to live in a big, fancy city like Los Angeles.

"I'm moving to the States for a bit. I love New York but it's too similar to London. I still don't own a place in London, I own one in the country in England because I like having the escape," he told the publication.

"I wouldn't want to be in the city. LA is cool but you find a lot of douche bags there. I'd rather be surrounded by people in cowboy hats that spit tobacco."

LOL! Aren't there d-bags everywhere?!

No matter where he lives, it's pretty cool he thinks the USA is worthy enough to move to!

Are you going to check him and Tay out on tour? 'Red' kicks off on March 13 in Omaha.

You can also catch Ed and Taylor at the Grammy Awards Sunday night, where they both are nominated and are set to perform!

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