Justin Bieber Reportedly Hit on Adam Levine's Cousin...and He Wasn't Happy About it!

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There might not be any Maroon 5 and Justin Bieber collaborations anytime soon!

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Is Justin Bieber a creep? Maroon 5 front man, Adam Levine, might say yes!

Star magazine is reporting that Adam Levine had to tell Justin to back off whenever he overly hit on his cousin at a West Hollywood gym.

Justin and Adam were reportedly both working out at Equinox Gym in West Hollywood when Justin decided to make a move on Adam's hot cousin.

"Adam brought his pretty female cousin into the same yoga class that Justin was in, and Justin immediately pulled Adam aside and asked who she was," an eyewitness told the mag.

"Adam laughed at how forward he was and said, 'It's my cousin - you stay away.'"

Justin reportedly didn't take Adam's warning too seriously and approached the girl.

Hmm, wonder what Selena Gomez has to think about that?

"Justin couldn't stop staring at her, and then he ran over and asked for her number," continued the eye witness.

"Adam was annoyed and told Justin to back off and be more respectful. Clearly, Justin's used to to doing what he wants, but Adam put him in his place."


Do you think Justin really did hit on Adam's cousin at the gym? Is Adam overreacting or was Bieber too pushy?

We think this story might've gotten over exaggerated a bit. We can't see Adam being that upset with Justin over hitting on his cousin and it's not like it probably didn't flatter her anyway! What girl wouldn't want to get hit on by JB?

Let us know what YOU think!

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