Olly Murs' Most Embarrassing Moment: "You've Probably Seen It on YouTube!"

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Olly Murs live chatFind out what Olly's American accent sounds like! The British invasion is getting serious.

Or seriously funny, if you happen to be talking to Olly Murs.

We had a live video Q &A couch sesh with UK singer recently, and we kept us cracking up for a full 38 minutes and 36 seconds! Here, we've pulled some of the highlights for your viewing pleasure.

Your questions were definitely creative.

Favorite seafood? "Shrimp."

Looser pants? "I've tried baggier trousers, but I look weird," said Olly, who showed up in shorts. "They don't fit my body shape."

Most embarrassing moment?

"There's one where I fell down the stairs," said Olly, "Which you've probably seen on YouTube."

And there's a second one which actually acts out in the clip above. We love this guy!

Olly will be making his US TV debut, guest starring as himself on 90201. The episode will be airing on April 15, the day before Olly's album Right Place Right Time is released in the US.

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