What's Next for Justin Bieber? Hear What They're Saying on the Streets! (WATCH!)

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Justin BieberThis video will def make you LOL! Justin Bieber and his crazy ways have made headlines a lot more often than usual since his breakup with Selena Gomez in December.

We all have our own opinions on Justin's current situation, but we decided to hit the streets of L.A. to ask some typical residents what they thought of JB...and their responses were hilarious!

"Justin Bieber, you should stay single!" was one girl's advice to the pop star.

Surprisingly, a lot of the fans (even the one who couldn't name a single Bieber song) on the street stuck up for the Biebs and wanted to give him tips on his current life issues too!

"Don't lend your cars to your friends!" said one guy. (Good advice!)

"If he wants to party, let him party!" insisted another girl.

Watch the entire thing in the video above!

What's your advice to Justin?

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