Zayn Malik Quitting One Direction After Cheating Scandal?

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Is Zayn Malik quitting One Direction over the rumors that he cheated on girlfriend Perrie Edwards?

Stop. The. Presses.

Also? We're plugging our ears and screaming "la, la, la, la, I can't hear you..." until this rumor goes away. reports that 1D's record label management is worried that Zayn will quit the boy band following the stress of the cheating gossip.

A source tells the site that Zayn was "in a haze" following the rumors that he cheated on Perrie with Australian stripper/waitress Courtney Webb.

The insider says that the fame of being in One Direction was already getting to Zayn before the cheating scandal buzz broke, with the 1D hottie reportedly having a hard time coping with being away from family for extended periods.

The source tells Celebuzz that "there is growing concern among the bosses that Zayn is on the brink at the moment."

Additionally, "He feels that the last six months have been his toughest yet in the band. Even before the cheating scandal, Zayn was steering clear of nights out with his bandmates and sometimes would skip media events. He has been quite low at several points when being away for key family celebrations. But his pals have cheered him up. People forget he is the shyest member."

Living under a microscope as a celebrity is a tough adjustment, as the source explains, "Every step 1D makes is scrutinized and judged by the public and media. Their reputation as role models to teens is also weighing heavy on his shoulders as it is not natural for him to be bright, bubbly and smiley twenty-four seven.

According to the insider, "Zayn feels that being caught out with Courtney has made the band look bad, and is still worried about how bosses will react in the long run."

Zayn reportedly had a lot to sort out with the scandal, as the source explains, "It really sent him into a tail spin. He had a mixture of emotions--guilt for his cheating, anger for being led astray by the girl, shame for the world finding out, upset at how his bandmates and management would react and doubt about whether he would still have a place in the band."

All that aside, the source says that "No one in the management wants Zayn to leave or even consider quitting, with days to go before their biggest tour ever. He is a lovely, caring and funny chap--but there is no doubt fame has changed his outlook."

The source also noted that some of Zayn's family "feel he is in a fragile state."

Do you think there's any truth to Zayn wanting to quit One Direction?

We admit the stress and fame must be overwhelming, but we can't believe he would consider walking away from his 1D family!


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