'Beautiful Creatures' Cast Reveals Their Reoccurring Dreams

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Emmy Rossum at the 'Beautiful Creatures' junket.Can you guess whose scary dream includes bears and corpses? Reoccurring dreams can be very cool.

But not when they have to do with bears, corpses and being chased! The cast of Beautiful Creatures told us about their reoccurring dreams, and we have to say we're glad to hear that these are just dreams:

"I have to make my way across a lake to get to a tower," says Emmy Rossum. "I think my grandmother's at the top of the tower, and I want to ask her about something."

While Zoey Deutch and Thomas Mann don't have specific reoccurring dreams, Zoey feels like she dreams in feelings and Thomas can relate. "You wake up and you know you definitely had a dream because you feel something, but you don't remember," he says.

Viola Davis probably had the one that frightened us the most, "I was being chased," says Viola, "I'd manipulate it to get away from the person."

Did Viola get away? Well, it took her some time. "It continued for a week and a half," Viola says. "I'd go back to the same place, the same alley, the same person, the same fear." Spooky.

Watch the clip (above) to see what the other cast members had to say!

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