Rihanna Shows Up to Court With Chris Brown, Recently Hooked Up With Justin Bieber?

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Oh Ri-Ri!

As if her twit pics aren't OMG-worthy enough, Rihanna made a lot of mouths drop when she showed up to Chris Brown's court hearing yesterday...with him!

Chris had to go to court to face allegations he faked his community service hours, a punishment he recieved and had to fulfill from the Rihanna abuse case!

According to several reports, Rihanna sat beside Chris' mother, in the front row, at his court hearing. While nothing was really determined in the end, the judge told Brown to come back in two months with more community service proof. Until then, Breezy is to remain on probation and can attend the Grammy Awards this weekend.

This isn't the only thing Rihanna's done to shock fans lately. Earlier this week, reports hit that Ri-Ri and Justin Bieber had a fling awhile back.

Life & Style magazine were the first to publish something about a Rihanna/Bieber affair back in 2011 but according to other sites, it never happened.

"They are just friends. Rihanna looks at Justin like a little brother and she gives him advice. They've partied together but have never hooked up. This is crazy," an insider to Hollywoodlife.com.

Do you think Ri and JB ever hooked up? What are your thoughts on her showing up to court with Chris?

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