Taylor Swift Harry Styles Breakup Song: Why Harry Isn't Worried!

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Find out why Harry Styles isn't worried about Taylor Swift writing a breakup song.

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Taylor Swift's Harry Styles breakup song is no doubt in the works and will soon tell the tale of Haylor's highs and lows.

Rather than fret about it, Harry seems to be taking it in stride--honestly, what else can he do?

A source tells HollywoodLife.com: "Harry doesn't care that the songs are being written about him! If they are about him, he's in no rush to hear them. He's moved on."

Hazza's One Direction bandmates seem to think it's funny that Harry will be the subject of the inevitable Taylor breakup tune, joking "that he is the next victim of her songs!"

Harry, the source says, "is taking everything in stride, and in his eyes, she can do whatever she wants."

Look for more Harry and Taylor buzz to drum up when they'll be at the BRIT Awards on February 20.

No doubt we'll be hearing plenty of Haylor reconnecting rumors!

In related news, one of Taylor's other exes, John Mayer, the subject of her biting song "Dear John," admits in an upcoming TV interview airing on Sunday that he was "a jerk." Score one for Taylor and...Jen and...Jessica and....


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