One Direction 3D Movie Trailer Video: Watch 1D3D Preview Now!

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Watch the One Direction 3D movie trailer preview!
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This will start your day out right--watch the One Direction 3D movie trailer video below to see all the 1D movie goodness you can handle.

What's that? You want more?

For now, we'll have to take what we can get (and be thankful for it) because this little 1D 3D movie preview snippet is the best thing going.

The One Direction 3D movie trailer aired on Daybreak this morning, plus will be seen on the Today show.

We love all the behind-the-scenes footage this movie promises--plus, Harry dancing, shirtless boys, and yes, the guys even get a little sappy.

Zayn says, "As a group, we're stronger then if there was five people by themselves."

Liam notes, "I always wanted a little brother and now I've got four of them."


Now if only we could wait patiently until the movie's release in August...counting down the days...

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