Winter Storm Nemo: Not Stopping Justin Bieber Fans in NYC!

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Will Justin's SNL appearance be postponed?
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Winter Storm Nemo has a lot of people talking today!

Besides the bad roads and electric outages, one thing a lot of people are worried about is Justin Bieber's appearance on Saturday Night Live tomorrow night!

While celebs like Sarah Hyland, Scooter Braun and Lo Bosworth all tweeted up their winter storm anticipation, Beliebers began to freak out online thinking the snow storm would cancel Justin's SNL gig.

"alot to do again today. looks like we are doing this show right in the middle of a blizzard. fun times," Scooter tweeted.

Looks like the show is still on! Just pray the electric stays on too!

NBC reported today that JB fans were camping outside, through the storm, this morning to get tickets to the show. That's dedication!

Are you going to be effected by Nemo? Are you going to check Bieber out on SNL?

Click here to see what Bieber's mom had to say about his SNL performance!

Watch Justin's SNL promo here! So funny!

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