1D Valentine's Day Rewind: Which Guy Was Crushing on Miranda Cosgrove?

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With Valentine's Day right around the corner, we're flashing back to last Valentine's when we talked to One Direction all about their V-Day Plans!

Niall Horan said that he did not have a Valentine, but after filming with the iCarly cast, his dream Valentine was Miranda Cosgrove. Liam Payne didn't say whether or not he had a Valentine, but his dream Valentine was Kim Kardashian. Zayn Malik wanted to maintain an air of mystery and said, "Maybe I have a Valentine, maybe I don't."

Harry Styles
revealed that his perfect Valentine was one of the other members of the band... Louis! "Looks like my Valentine is Harry, I don't have a choice," said Louis.

This year, we expect that Louis will spend Valentine's Day with girlfriend Eleanor Calder. Will Harry and Taylor Swift reunite for Valentine's Day (we know, total long shot), or has Tay already moved on to someone else? If Harry doesn't have plans, maybe Louis wouldn't mind him tagging along on his date!

Which 1D guy is your dream Valentine?
Liam131 (8.2%)
Harry540 (33.8%)
Louis152 (9.5%)
Zayn244 (15.3%)
Niall531 (33.2%)

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