Justin Bieber Posts New Song, Shows Off Siblings After Livestream Chat Fails (VIDEO!)

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He did it during the Grammys on purpose too!
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Justin Bieber did everything he could to get back at the Grammys and it didn't really work out!

Right after he appeared on SNL, he tweeted that he was going to do a livestream for his fans at 8PM EST Sunday night.

Coincidence he planned it at the same time the 2013 Grammys aired on TV? Probably not!

JB had some technical difficulty when trying to launch his livestream though and showcased his frustration on Twitter. After he couldn't get it working, he decided to tape a video and release a snip of a new song for his fans.

In the video, he's shirtless (woot, woot!) and shows off his younger siblings too. Peep it here!

And we have to admit, the Grammys was totally missing something and it SO was Justin!

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