Who Was Taylor Swift's Date at the 2013 Grammys?

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It wasn't Harry Styles that's for sure! Taylor Swift seemed to be Miss Popular last night at the Grammys!

Not only did she open up the show and win a Grammy but she also made several appearances on screen after the cameras kept showing her jamming out in the crowd with her date!

Tay wasn't there with a guy! Her Grammys date was one of her BFFs, Claire Kislinger.

Last night Claire tweeted a pic of her own Grammys dress and said, "Wore red tonight in honor of my friend/dance partner/favorite ringmaster, @taylorswift13. And she killed it."

We have to agree! She looked and sounded fab and we totally dug the dig at Harry Styles!

Tay and Claire didn't get their party on after the show though. Taylor admitted online that she actually went home and hung out with her cat!

Peep Taylor getting her dance on in the Grammys audience HERE!

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