JWoww Valentine's Day Rewind: The EX Factor

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JWoww Valentines Day Rewind: The EX FactorJWoww gives advice to all the single ladies! (And fellas) We've all been there: You get out of a relationship and suddenly you kind of miss your ex more than you anticipated.

But JWoww from MTV's Snooki & JWoww gave us such good advice last year for Valentine's Day that made us think twice about that situation (no, not that Situation) that we're re-posting it for you above. It is given from a girl's point of view, but guys, this wisdom applies to you, too!

"Realize why he's an ex, first of all," JWoww says. "Do you really want to win him back?" If you REALLY do want him back, "Don't be psychotic, don't pull a Sam, do not pull me."

JWoww has been there, "I used to want him back because I didn't want any other girl with him," she tells us. "But when I was with him, I couldn't stand him!"

The trick up JWoww's sleeve? "My best approach is to ignore the s**t out of him," she says. "If he doesn't come back, keep it moving. Life's too short." Advice noted.

And when it comes to the actual V-Day itself, single ladies (and guys), do not fret! "Do your thing," JWoww says. "Get your friends together, go out have a good time."

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