Kevin and Danielle Jonas Share Their Favorite Valentine's Day Gifts!

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What are Kevin and Danielle Jonas' favorite Valentine's Day gifts?

Kevin and Danielle Jonas Sealed with Love stamp Valentine's DayKevin Jonas Instagram

Kevin Jonas and Danielle Jonas are working with the U.S. Postal Service for the release of their Sealed with Love 2013 stamp to tie in with Valentine's Day.

Aw, Kev and Dani are one of the cutest celeb couples around!

In a recent interview, Kevin explains why they're involved with the stamp, noting, "For us, we were always sending and mailing letters to each other when we were was just an extra way of showing the other person you care about them."

Since it's a Forever stamp, Kevin explains, "the stamp will stay good at this rate forever."

He says he and Danielle have a "forever kind of love," so their involvement in the campaign makes perfect sense!

Danielle's favorite letter from Kevin? Kevin mailed her a letter on their wedding day!

They also talk about their favorite Valentine's Day gifts--Kevin sent Dani a box full of stuff, including letters, a teddy bear, a phone, and a video camera that showed Kevin on tour.

Dani sent Kevin a box full of letters that he had to open on different days while he was away.

Kevin talks about the upcoming tour, saying, "We've got new music, it's coming out very soon...we've been saying that for awhile, but really it is coming very soon now."

Kevin and Dani also chat about filming season 2 of Married to Jonas, which comes out in the spring. Fans should be on the lookout for some funny moments in their lives.


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