Lindsey Shaw: 'Pretty Little Liars' Feels Like "a Cool Club When You're on Set"

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Find out who the prankster is on the set of 'Pretty Little Liars'! Sounds like things are finally turning around for Paige.

When we spoke with Lindsey Shaw over the phone about her latest movie, Love Me, we just had to slip in some questions about Pretty Little Liars too!

"We are well into season 3, and Paige sort of teams up with an unlikely companion to get back on the A hunt," says Lindsey. "She sort of went from being the craziest one to the most sane person in Rosewood. It's kind of ironic."

With so much drama in onscreen in Rosewood, we bet someone on set likes to lighten things up. "Ashley Benson is pretty much the prankster, she is the wild one," Lindsey says. "The cast is awesome. It feels like a cool club when you're on set. You're kind of feeling in awe when you're there."

A recent especially awe-some moment: "I did get to watch Ashley and Shay dance around and sing to me in gorilla and Halloween masks," she says.

Other than PLL, we wondered what else Lindsey is watching these days. "Airing right now, I love Happy Endings. And I like Workaholics," Lindsey says.

She doesn't have a ton of time though to watch TV: "I have another film, it should be coming out soon--it's called No One Lives."

Grab a copy of Love Me today on DVD and don't forget to watch Pretty Little Liars on Tuesdays!



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