Harry Styles Gives Celeb's Twitter a Huge Spike in Followers

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Which celeb did Harry Styles give a bunch of followers to on Twitter?
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Harry Styles has some major influence on Twitter--at least, that's what Zach Braff, star of Scrubs and the upcoming movie Oz the Great and Powerful, found out.

It seems having an "in" with Harry will get you lots of social media love--and followers.

While in Australia promoting Oz the Great and Powerful, Zach talked with MTV Australia, chatting about the great and powerful Harry Styles.

Zach said, "Well Harry Styles follows me [on Twitter]! And once he followed me a zillion young girls followed me, like, whatever Harry chooses is the right way to go."

He added, "So I'd like to thank Harry for following me because I got like a zillion 12 year olds who love me too. They think that me and Harry are hanging out together, going out on the town."

Not exactly, but Zach has tweeted Harry some pretty exciting things, including; "Happy birthday and Black History Month, @Harry_Styles. You are my everything."

Zach also had a serious question for Hazza, tweeting: "'@Harry_Styles: In a crust we trust.' Harry, 48,000 people retweeted this. Please DM me what it means. Xoxoxo zb"

And the cute doesn't end there...when asked who he would want to spend Valentine's Day with, Zach said Harry, of course, adding, "I would wine and dine him, although he's probably not legal to drink so I would buy him the sexiest Diet Coke he's ever had."

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