Harry Styles Voted Best Hair, According to Poll: Agree or Disagree?

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Harry Styles, One Direction
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Looks like Harry Styles has won a well-deserved award--for his hair.

Yes, Harry's hair accolade is all about the One Direction hottie's mop top.

We already know Harry is crazy talented...but that hair? He should've gotten a trophy for that by now.

Thankfully, the folks at Fabriah.com are rewarding Harry for what nature gave him, giving him the Top Male Hair Icon of 2013 honor.

Fabriah.com conducted a poll to find out which male star earned the bragging rights to the best hair--and Harry even beat out David Beckham and Justin Bieber.

No small feat, for sure.

A spokesperson from Fabriah noted, "Since One Direction first came on the scene Harry's do has become more and more popular. Younger men love the relaxed look and women find it incredibly cute. Men are increasingly fashion conscious and there are some really stylish male celebrities around at the moment to get inspired by."

Check out the complete list of hair-tacular winners at OMG Yahoo UK.

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