'American Idol' Recap: It's Ladies' Night!

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On last night's episode, the girls sing a capella and as groups to see who will make the cut...find out Mariah and Nicki's best moments! Last night's episode of American Idol was all about the ladies! All of the 162 lucky female contestants that the judges had given the green light to during auditions are in LA for Hollywood Week and first, they've gotta sing a capella. Some of them just didn't have the pipes to carry a song solo and get sent packing.

After the a capella cuts, only 76 girls remained and they had to perform in groups! No less than three groups decided to cover Gotye's Somebody That I Used to Know, with mixed results. And hardly anyone could remember the words to their songs, leading the ladies to scrawl lyrics on their palms and even across their arms.

Nicki Minaj was not impressed and did some handwriting of her own: writing "They suck" during one particularly bad performance. Perhaps the best line of the night went to Mariah Carey, who told one group: "Good luck with the rest of your careers and lives."

Tune in to Idol tonight to see the remaining girls sing solo!

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