Jonas Brothers: "New Album Is Finally Done," Kevin Jonas Reveals

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The Jonas Brothers' new album is finally done...release date, please?!
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Sing it from the rooftops! The Jonas Brothers' new album is done!

They've been teasing progress for awhile (and have yet to set a release date), but Kevin confirms the new album is complete.

Kevin Jonas told, "The new album is finally done, and we are so excited. We wanted to take a little extra time on it to make sure it was right and we've been working for almost a year now on it."

We have no doubt that it'll be perfect!

Kevin also dished a bit on the songwriting process and how they've matured since their last album.

He explained, "I'm in a completely different place than I was when we wrote our last album three years ago. I've been through a lot, so much good. And I've learned a lot about Danielle and...I've really grown as a person, too."

Kevin is clearly inspired by Dani, saying, "I was very excited to put that into music. Everything I write, there's a piece of Danielle in each part of it. Each one of the guys, as well, puts their own individual stamp on it."

Who's excited for the new Jonas Brothers album?

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