Justin Bieber Reportedly Gets a Lap Dance...Your Thoughts?

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Do you think it's really him in the pic?
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Is Justin Bieber up to no good again?

According to Hollywoodlife.com, Justin recently had a blast with a girl who wasn't Selena Gomez.

From the pics obtained by the site, Justin is seen getting a lap dance!

In the pictures, a girl is completely bent over in "the Biebs" face. His hand is seen on her hip and he seems to be having a good time!

The pictures haven't been confirmed by Justin's camp but the dude in the pics totally looks like him!

But then again, it could be a pic of someone who looks like him!

What do you guys think?

Take a look of the pics here and decide for yourself!

Do you think it's Justin in the lap dance pics?
OMG yes! That's SO him!230 (38.5%)
No, I don't think it's him!222 (37.2%)
Hmm! I'm not sure!145 (24.3%)

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