Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Cause Airport Uproar After They Skip Security!

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The TSA shut Kimye d-o-w-n! %VIRTUAL-Gallery-175411%

Leave it to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West to tick off an entire plane full of passengers!

After returning late from their trip to Brazil with Will Smith, Kimye held up their next flight for over an hour after they skipped security to get on the plane.

According to the New York Post, the celeb couple raced through JFK airport and cleared Customs. They were then escorted by an airport employee through a restricted area, skipped security and made it on the plane..

Their celebrity meant squat when security learned they weren't checked. They instantly went to the plane and made Kimye get off.

The couple was patted down and checked and sent on their way.

The TSA, who we give mad props to on this one, has spoken out about what happened:

"An airline employee escorted the two travelers through a non-public area in order to provide expedited access to their domestic flight. In doing so, the airline employee violated security protocols by permitting the travelers to by-pass the TSA security checkpoint. It is commonplace for celebrities to be greeted by an airline employee and whisked to the head of the line to expedite their travels. However, bypassing security checkpoints entirely is not permitted. TSA officials learned of the violation and conducted a private screening of the two passengers in the area of the jetway."

Yikes! We bet someone is getting fired over this one! Imagine the amount of people who would've gotten the ax if word got out that Kimye totally skipped security and flew unchecked to Los Angeles. We can picture the headlines now...

As you can imagine, the passengers on the plane were really ticked off they had to wait an hour for Kimye! If that would've been anyone else, the plane would've taken off without them, don't you think?


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