One Direction: Reportedly Using Ricky Martin and Dance Classes to Prep for Tour!

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What kind of dance classes are the 1D guys taking?
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One Direction
might be the hottest boy band in the world but that doesn't mean they're in the best shape OR that they're the best dancers out there.

According to The Sun, the 1D guys are enrolled in Latin dance classes to get in shape for their upcoming, world tour!

"The lads are not natural movers so them dancing to Latin music is a sight to behold....but they know it's good for fitness so they're putting in the graft," a source told the site.

One Direction are getting their dance on in a Zumba class, full of Ricky Martin music and booty shaking.

Zumba isn't the only thing they're doing to get in shape. They already have a choregrapher and trainer, plan on taking spinning classes and were advised by their people to not smoke or drink too.

Their upcoming long days means that they won't have enough time to party...or for girls! Right now is all about getting in shape and rocking their new tour!

Do you think dance class will help the 1D dudes?

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