Taylor Swift Disses Harry Styles in New "22" Music Video!

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Taylor Swift isn't afraid of getting back at her ex-boyfriends! And we're kind of over it! Aren't you?

In new pics obtained by Hollywoodlife.com
, Taylor totally mocks and makes fun of One Direction's Harry Styles AGAIN but this time in her upcoming music video.

The recently released music video photo stills show Tay getting Dirty Dancing lifted up by one of her BFFs.

Looks sort of familiar right? That's because you've basically seen her do it before.

Harry picked Tay up the same exact way backstage at their Jingle Ball show a few months ago and the picture of the moment went viral online.

We were feeling her revenge when she used a British accent in her Grammy Awards performance BUT we think she's going too far now! What did Harry do that was THAT bad?

Harry might not be the only one she's taking stabs at in the vid for "22!" There's talk the recently arrested Conor Kennedy is a video victim as well!

Peep pics of Taylor's Harry Styles music video diss HERE!

Are you over Taylor Swift dissing Harry Styles?
Yes! She's doing it WAY too much!1507 (85.2%)
No! If he was a jerk then he deserves it!261 (14.8%)
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