'The Vampire Diaries' Best Quotes: "Life Sucks: Get a Helmet" and More!

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Even during all that heartbreak and tragedy, 'The Vampire Diaries' made us laugh through our tears with hilarious one-liners. Still reeling from The Vampire Diaries' Valentine's Day massacre? Fortunately it wasn't all tears and heartbreak. The writers spared us from crying the entire episode with some hilarious one-liners delivered by our favorite characters.

"Here's the deal, Shrek!" --Damon to the Scottish vampire hunter Vaughn

"I've seen the Da Vinci Code." --Caroline, surprising Klaus with her use of "cryptext"

"May I suggest using the magic of the Internet to purchase an Aramaic to English dictionary from your nearest retailer?" --Klaus to Tyler and Caroline, trying to decipher the cryptex

"C'mon man, do you think I know anything about tattoos? Look at my skin. It's flawless!" --We couldn't agree more, Damon!

"Best to stay off it, then." --Bonnie, coolly refusing to help Shane after he breaks his leg

"God, I forgot what a brat you are." --Katherine to Jeremy, revealing that she's not in fact his sister

"Well, if it isn't Little Orphan Lockwood, come to show how laughably impotent you are against me?" --Klaus to Tyler

"Itchy." --Damon, when Vaughn asks what it feels like when a "relentless eating machine" is draining blood from your veins.

"Life sucks--get a helmet." --Damon to Rebekah, on his newfound peace

"Look at us. A newbie hunter and a witch who needs supervision. How are we the ones who made it this far?" --Bonnie to Jeremy, shortly before That Terrible Thing happened

"This isn't goodbye. This is until we find way. We're immortal, remember?" --Tyler, bidding farewell to Caroline. (OK, so that wasn't funny, but it's such a poignant line it must be included here.)

What was your favorite line of "Down the Rabbit Hole"? Did you laugh while you cried?

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