Beyonce and Jay-Z: Blue Ivy's Face Finally Revealed!

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Which parent do you think she looks like?
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It's about time!

After months of speculation and not seeing her since birth, Beyonce and Jay-Z have released new pics of their baby girl, Blue Ivy.

The pics were leaked from Beyonce's upcoming HBO documentary, Life is But a Dream, where she talks about the miscarriage she had before getting pregnant with Blue. It's set to air tonight!

Click here to check out the pics of Blue Ivy!

Who do you think she looks like? We SO see the both of them in her!

Let us know what you think!

Blue Ivy looks like...
Beyonce!35 (17.5%)
Jay-Z!86 (43.0%)
Both of them!63 (31.5%)
Neither!16 (8.0%)

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