Miley Cyrus Pimps Out Liam Hemsworth, Says Justin Bieber Stole Her Haircut

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If anyone is proud to be engaged to a hottie, it's Miley Cyrus!

In her recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Miley talked up her fiance, Liam Hemworth's, sexy-ness and blamed Justin Bieber for stealing her signature hair style!

"I'm the only fiancée that pimps her fiancé out, like talks about how hot [he is]," she said.

We don't blame her! Have you seen the man?!

Miley also thought it was funny about how she and her new hair was portrayed on Justin Bieber's SNL episode a few weeks ago.

"Was it kinda weird - did Justin Bieber also have the same hair [when he appeared on the skit]? Cuz he also copied my hair! It's all the rage, my hair, even J.B.'s got it now," Miley joked.

Do you think Bieber's hair looked like Miley's on Saturday Night Live? Do you think she has a right to brag about Liam?


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