'Nikki & Sara Live': Why You'll Never Hear a Fat Joke on Their Show (EXCLUSIVE!)

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Nikki GlaserFind out how she met Sara too! Have you guys checked Nikki & Sara Live yet? It's seriously the most hilarious show on MTV right now!

Lucky for us, we got to meet up with one of the show's leading ladies, Nikki Glaser, and she spilled about meeting her BFF and co-host Sara.

"We met at a party! We're both stand up comedians and I just moved to town...I feel like it was love at first sight," she said.

And we didn't know Sara was a blogger for Jimmy Fallon! It all makes sense now!

One thing that's awesome about them is that they're not into "mean" comedy.

"You'll never hear fat jokes on our show..." she said.

Check out our entire interview with Nikki above and don't forget to check out Nikki & Sara Live tonight at 11 PM EST on MTV.

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