Why Is Taylor Swift Getting Sued for $2.5 Million?

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As if dealing with her recent breakup with Harry Styles wasn't enough...

According to TMZ, Taylor Swift is getting sued for $2.5 million because she allegedly cancelled a show and didn't return the money given to her.

A ticket company is suing T-Swizzle for money they lost when the Capital Hoedown in Ottawa was canceled in Aug. 2012. Taylor was supposed to perform there but show was shut down when producers couldn't get the concert organized. Taylor was already allegedly paid for the show.

The suit claims Tay made $2.5 million for the performance...that never took place.

The company claims they had to refund $1.8 million in ticket sales, and they want her to pay for their loss.

A rep for Taylor was reached by TMZ and said, "Taylor never made a deal with the ticket company and has yet to see the lawsuit."

Hmm! Someone is being sketchy!

Should Taylor have to pay them back?

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