Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran Twitter Flirt!

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Ed Sheeran and Taylor SwiftInstagram/Twitter

It's cool to see that Ed Sheeran doesn't take sides when his friends date and break up!

On Ed's 22nd birthday, he and Taylor Swift showed off their love on Twitter by sending cute messages to each other.

"So. One of my favorite human beings on the planet turns 22 today. I hope @edsheeran has the most perfect show in LA tonight! HAPPY BDAYYYY," she tweeted.

"@taylorswift13 I don't know about you, but I'm feeling pretty damn 22 right about now," he said back.

While the tweets weren't too flirty we still can't help but wonder why they haven't dated already?! They have SO many things in common...like a cat obsession!

Ed is joining Taylor on tour in March...so maybe it will happen! The only thing really holding them back is his friendship with her ex-boyfriend Harry Styles!

Do you think Ed and Tay have feelings for each other?

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