'21 and Over' Cast Shares Beer Pong Tips and Hangover Cures!

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What's the best hangover cure you've heard of? Ah, the big 2-1.

In 21 and Over, straight-A student Jeff Chang (Justin Chon) is convinced by his two best friends, Casey (Skylar Astin) and Miller (Miles Teller), to go out for a quick beer on his 21st birthday. But a quick beer soon turns into a long, crazy night.

We asked the cast for some advice on certain...social situations.

First up, pickup lines:

"Hey, can you hold this while I take a walk?" Miles says as he holds out his hand. Clever!

Skylar says he doesn't resort to pickup lines. "I'll say something that genuinely comes to me," he says confidently. "I'm not afraid to fall flat."

Beer pong tips?

"You just want to shoot in a straight line," says Miles. "You want to have a lot of arch."

Skylar adds, "It's about the form and the flick of the wrist."

And finally of course, hangover cures:

"I drink like three huge coconut water things," said Justin. "I take an aspirin and an Emergen-C."

"You should have a fish sandwich," says Sarah Wright, who plays free-spirited Nicole. "It's fried."

But Skylar isn't totally feeling Sarah's hangover cure choice. "Sometimes greasy food is the best idea," he says. "And sometimes it's the worst."


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