'American Idol' Recap: Which "Sexy" Contestant Is Nicki Minaj "in Love" With?

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In last night's episode, the show headed to Vegas where Nicki declared her love for one female contestant What happens in Vegas...clearly doesn't stay there if you're on American Idol! Last night, the judges and contestants were in Sin City, where the ladies performed solo followed by a sudden death elimination.

Nicki Minaj didn't hold back during Brandy Hotard's blah rendition of Travis Tritt's 'Anonymous.' "That was a pageant delivery of a song and did not feel real," she said. Ouch!

When 17-year-old Shubha Vedula sings Lady Gaga's 'Born This Way,' the audience liked it but Nicki quips that sounded like "almost...a mashup of Christina Aguilera and that 'Gangham Style' guy." That's probably not what she was going for!

Both of those girls got sent home, but contestant Kree Harrison impressed the whole panel with her version of 'Up to the Mountain.' Keith Urban and Nicki gave her a standing ovation, while Mariah Carey raved "You sang the hell out of that song."

Nicki took it a step further of course, gushing: "Every time you sing a song, you make love to a song. Something about you is just so sexy when you sing. I'm in love!"

Wow! See her memorable performance here. Who was your favorite female last night?

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