Justin Bieber Brings Mystery Girl to Justin Timberlake Concert

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Who is Bieber's new girl?

Justin Bieber mystery girl date at Justin Timberlake showPacific Coast News

Uh oh! Is Justin Bieber over Selena Gomez? It kind of seems that way!

According to Entertainmentwise.com, Justin Bieber was spotted at Justin Timberlake's London concert with a mystery brunette!

On his night off, Justin didn't attend the 2013 Brit Awards like One Direction and Taylor Swift but hit up a JT show instead.

Bieber was seen being escorted into the Forum where JT held a one night only concert night, kind of like the one we went to after the Grammys!

Sources say Biebs and his pretty date arrived together to the event in Kentish Town, but went to great lengths not to be seen together.

Something to hide Mr. Bieber? There are reports the mystery girl is UK singer Ella-Paige Roberts-Clarke. She reportedly wore a leather jacket, black leggings and boots while he sported a hoodie and baseball cap.

Justin is currently on tour in Europe while his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez was last seen with her Spring Breakers co-stars in Germany. We thought they'd meet up with each other while over there but we don't see that happening anytime soon...

Do you think Jelena is over for good?

Is Jelena over and done with?
Yep! They'd be back together by now!407 (46.5%)
No, there's always hope!150 (17.1%)
For now, they need some time apart!319 (36.4%)

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