Miley Cyrus Snaps Selfie Twit Pic and Looks Just Like Justin Bieber!

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Do you think she looks like Bieber in her pic?

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Is that a picture of Miley Cyrus or Justin Bieber?

It's Miley Cyrus, of course, but it still has many thinking she looks A LOT like the Biebs!

Miley's latest swag-tific selfie twit pic shows her trying to channel her inner Bieber with the JB hat and blonde, spiked, short hair. Really, Miley looks like Justin in the pic!

This isn't the first time people thought the two singers look similar. Miley recently talked about it!

She mentioned Justin's latest "Miley Cyrus fan" Saturday Night Live skit and said he stole her signature 'do in it.

"Was it kinda weird - did Justin Bieber also have the same hair [when he appeared on the skit]? Cuz he also copied my hair! It's all the rage, my hair, even J.B.'s got it now," she joked in a recent interview.

Do you think Miley looks like JB in her twit pic? Do they look like they're at least related to each other?

Do you think Miley looks like Justin in the pic?
Yes! She does look like him!138 (46.6%)
Uh, no! Not at all.74 (25.0%)
Sort of!84 (28.4%)

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